The Foundation


Race For The Baltic Insamlingsstiftelse (Foundation) is a non-profit foundation and is part of Zennström Philanthropies, founded by Niklas and Catherine Zennström.

Race For The Baltic’s mission is to restore the health of Baltic Sea. The Foundation works both as a convener by bringing together politicians, companies and scientists and different stakeholders, as well as implementing concrete projects, all to restore the health of the Baltic Sea. Projects are selected based on the maximum potential effect and impact to address the main pressures affecting the delicate Baltic Sea ecosystem.

The Foundation prides itself in being entrepreneurial, technology friendly, open-minded and collaborative, working across borders and systems for the benefit of our common Baltic Sea.

In the video below, Peter Wiwen-Nilsson, CEO for Race For The Baltic describes the role that non-profit organisations can play in cleaning up the Baltic Sea.


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