Baltic Sea City Accelerator

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The Baltic Sea City Accelerator is a unique programme for municipalities, solutions providers, researchers and investors that provides a neutral and inspirational space for the cross-pollination of ideas, gaining new insights and allowing new partnerships to emerge. We work together to identify cost-effective, smart and innovative solutions to address local water and wastewater management challenges.

During the Spring 2019 11-week programme which concluded in June, the focus was to provide a comprehensive business framework and tools to help cities accelerate and prioritize their water projects. Race For The Baltic and partners supported municipalities with exercises and homework to calculate budgets, key performance indicators and return on investment. Peer learning and knowledge sharing, innovations, solutions, collaboration and new types of financing were also highlighted.

Why municipalities?

We believe that municipalities are vital and play a crucial role in solving the challenges the Baltic Sea faces. Municipalities have local knowledge, are agile, and can have significant impact on sustainable management of local waters.

Programme participants decide which water project they want to focus on and develop. The programme is tailored to current needs and equips municipalities with relevant exercises and homework to carry out and advance their water project.

“The City Accelerator pilot programme revealed other ways to look at the Baltic: that there is bigger business potential than we previously thought. ”

— Karin Löfström, Strategist Ecological Sustainability, Kalmar Municipality. Kalmar participated in the Baltic Sea City Accelerator pilot programme during 2015-2017.

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City voices and stories

We capture and share the stories and voices of cities and partners from the Baltic Sea City Accelerator. They are co-creating and transforming a sustainable blue future of the Baltic Sea Region.

Meet some of the cities from the Spring 2019 programme. We asked them to describe why it is important to clean up the Baltic Sea and to describe some of the challenges that their municipality faces.

Partners play a vital role

Partners are crucial to the success of the Baltic Sea City Accelerator programme. Contributing partners provide valuable expertise, time, resources and meeting venues. Race For The Baltic coordinates and manages the Baltic Sea City Accelerator programme.

We are truly grateful for partner support from:

The Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group, the business management consultant company, has kindly provided the development of the programme project plans and tools.

Bank of Åland

The Bank of Åland actively support projects the address the most pressing issues facing the Baltic Sea. They kindly provide financial support for the programme.

LIFE IP Rich Waters

LIFE IP Rich Waters is an EU funded project providing support to municipalities in Sweden working with water management. For this programme, they have provided knowledge about municipalities and their work with local waters.

Mälaren-lake for millions

Mälaren- lake for millions (Mälaren – en sjö for miljoner) is part of Lake Mälaren’s Water Conservation Association (Mälarens vattenvårdsförbund) in Sweden. They have contributed their knowledge about municipalities and their work with local waters.

Baltic Sea Challenge

The Baltic Sea Challenge is a network of more than 270 organisations working to clean up the Baltic Sea. Organisations are encouraged to publish their commitments to the network and share action with others. The Baltic Sea Challenge contributes their knowledge and tools to the programme.

Listen to some of our partner the Boston Consulting Group describe their engagement in the Baltic Sea.

As a funder, the Baltic Sea Conservation Fund explains what projects they finance and what they are looking for when they support a project.